Ordering Your Newborn Artwork

We’ve discussed the importance of choosing a professional on many levels, but what happens after the portraits are taken?

Let’s say you’re sitting on your chair, gazing lovingly at the images of your brand new baby wrapped cozy and beautiful on your computer screen from home.  There are 20-30 images, and each seem to be even more gorgeous than the next.  Which wall in your home were you thinking of?  What colours can be incorporated into that room?  What size should it be?  And frame colour?  How will the images look together?  Suddenly the sweet new babe needs your attention, and once again you need to figure this out another time.

Niagara Newborn Photographer, Hamilton Newborn Photography, Professional Photography Niagara, Professional Photographer HamiltonFeatured Artwork by Karen Byker | Reflections of Life Photography

Printing photographs can be quite overwhelming for all of us.  There are so many decisions and possibilities.  Luckily many professionals now have the software needed to view wall galleries before you even purchase them.  It’s much easier to review and choose your favourite portraits with help from a professional, and here are some reasons why:

Ten Reasons Why Ordering & Design Appointments Will Benefit You

1 – You can relax, have a beverage and know that you have professional help in selecting the right images, sizes and layouts
2 – Help pairing down to your ultimate favourites, showing them to you side by side or in groupings to help you compare
3 – They can show you different cropping options to choose the best size to suit your space
4 – They provide assistance in choosing the best walls in your home to feature your new artwork
5 – If they’re using images of the walls in your home, they can show you your portraits in actual size on those walls
6 – They will give you advice based on room size, face size and viewing distance
7 – Professionals can show you samples of high quality artwork finishes to find one that works best for your home
8 – The whole ordering and design process is faster than trying to go it alone
9 – Your Photographer will take care of ensuring your portraits are perfect before you receive them
10 – Some Professional Photographers even offer the service of hanging your finished pieces

niagara newborn photography, niagara newborn photographerFeatured Artwork by Jennifer Blakeley | Jennifer Blakeley Photography

Every photographer does things a little differently, but upon booking a photography session with Reflections of Life, I touch base with clients regarding where they envision their artwork in their home.  My clients love to select high impact or statement portraits that showcase their family and can be displayed in an area of their home where they can enjoy seeing it every day. I always advise them to choose areas in their homes where they ‘live’ the most, but also where others will see their portraits.  Images are then taken of their chosen wall(s) and used to determine how I’ll compose the session images, and also to decide on the colours I’ll incorporate during our time together.

The following week, we meet for an Ordering and Design Appointment.  Using specialized software and the image(s) of their wall, I show them the wall collections I’ve pre-designed.  These are images of the portraits from their sessions that I think work best together and are the correct size for their space.  During your Ordering and Design Session we’ll select your favorite images together, comparing images side by side or in groups.  We also decide on the appropriate portrait sizes for the walls we have chosen. We play with the pre-designed wall collection images until you’re completely in love with them.  Custom card and storyboard designs are also created at that time.  This creates an environment that allows you to have increased input into your finished pieces, quickly and easily, with minimal frustration.

custom card design, ordering session photography, niagara newborn photographer, niagara newborn photographyFeatured Artwork by Tamsen Donker | Creative Clicks Photography

When choosing your photographer it’s important to discuss how you will go about ordering the images afterward.  Since each photographer does things a little differently, ensure this is one of the questions you ask.  If you’re a very visual person, you may not need this type of help in choosing the correct portraits and finishes for your space.  It’s necessary to make this clear before you book with your photographer so you both know what to expect during each step of the process.

These newborn photographs capture a moment in your life, and in the life of your new babe that is so fleeting.  Re-live it every day by walking into a room filled with portraits of the memories captured during your session.  You’ll be so pleased you did.

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