Simple And Pure, Timeless Newborn Photography

What exactly makes a timeless photograph?  To create a classic timeless image, we like to strip away the extras and just focus on what is most important – your newborn baby.  Stripping the image of distracting props is the best way to stand the test of time – through fads and trends that come and go.

What will never change is the natural beauty of your newborn baby.

Clean + simple = classic and beautiful
Image by Daniela Berkhout – Daniela Berkhout Photography
Newborn portraits remain in your family for generations and will be passed on to your children, their grandchildren and so on.  While some may feel that the way to make a newborn portrait ‘cute’ is to stuff as many ‘cute’ things as possible into a single image (teddy bears, pearl necklaces, rubber duckies, and so on), it can sometimes distract from the natural beauty of your child.
Reflections of Life Photography
 Image by Karen Dekker-Byker – Reflections of Life Photography 
A simple image of your newborn will stand the test of time.  There will be no ‘regret’ looking back in 10 years time, while looking at a classic and clean image of your newborn – just the way he or she was born.  Perfect, simple and pure.
niagara newborn photography
Image by Tamsen Donker – Creative Clicks Photography
Does that mean no cute hats or baskets?  Not at all.  A simple, well-planned prop will add to the beautiful composition of a photograph – but we feel that the golden rule in creating a timeless newborn portrait is generally “less is more”.
Jennifer Blakeley Photography
Image by Jennifer Blakeley – Jennifer Blakeley Photography 

A clean image will keep the focus on what is most important – your baby. His or her personality will shine, and the beauty that they hold within will glow outward – not to be dulled by loud distractions, but to soar with the quiet confidence of a simple yet timeless portrait that you will cherish for generations.

Written by: Jennifer Blakeley – Jennifer Blakeley Photography
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