Spreading Awareness

Anne Geddes is an incredible photographer who really helped to create the newborn photography trend. Her images showing babies in pots, laying on branches and hanging in fabric became a huge hit and inspired many other photographers to do the same, creating their own art. However, not all photographers are taking the precautions to do those images as safely as we would like to think and the best way to change that fact is to spread awareness of HOW to create the beautiful images that they are seeing.

Images with babies in precarious positions should NEVER be attempted without some type of behind the scenes magic. Spotters should always be used to ensure baby will not fall, Photoshop should be used to merge images together, hiding parents hands holding onto baby at all times… there are many ways to ensure that the infants safety is number one at all times. These precious little lives are not to be toyed with- indeed, we all need to take the utmost care to protect each and every precious baby that we photograph.

Here at Niagara Newborn Photography, we aim to help in any way that we can to spread this awareness. Newborn Safety Awareness Week took place just recently (Nov 5-11) and everyone was invited to take part in spreading awareness of proper newborn safety techniques to photographers and parents everywhere. Doing our part, we were interviewed by the West Niagara News and were happy to share some of our own images, showing how a composite image is created during a newborn session. Multiple images are taken with hands on baby at all times, and then they are layered together in Photoshop to create the final image.  We also shared quite a few great articles throughout the week on our Facebook Page. If you’d like to follow us, please visit here! Your questions and input are welcome, we love hearing from other photographers and concerned parents!

Niagara Newborn Photography
You are welcome to read the article here : READ ARTICLE ON SAFETY

We also have a number of links posted on this blog that show in-depth how one can use Photoshop to create these composites. Click on the Page above titled ‘Helpful Links’. We will continue to add to this list as we come across more helpful articles and links.

Written by Tamsen Donker | Creative Clicks Photography


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