Why Custom Photography?

Newborn Photography
Your wedding is the second most important event in your life.For decades, the wedding ceremony has been the most photographed event – the event where you want a professional there to capture every moment. The event where you invest your money, and budget for top quality professional photography. Your wedding is a once in a life time event, just as the birth of your children.Newborn photography is a growing trend, and rightfully so. With the newborn photography industry growing we are witnessing the rapid onset of new photographers wanting to venture into the beautiful art of newborn photography.If you are looking to hire a newborn photographer there are many things to consider including personal style and taste, however the most important thing to take into consideration is the professionalism and experience of the photographer at hand.Newborn photography is not an area of photography that you should try to cut corners on to receive the best price, or quickest turnaround. A skilled and professional newborn photographer will literally have your heart in her hands, as she is safely posing, soothing and photographing the most important and valuable thing in your life – your newborn baby.

The photographers of Niagara Newborn Photography are all trained professionals, and have photographed hundreds of newborns putting the safety and comfort of the baby first, and producing images of the highest quality.

Newborn photography is a once in a lifetime opportunity, as your baby will grow and change every day. Having top quality images, created by the skilled and loving hands of a professional newborn photographer is something that every family deserves.

Your wedding was the most important day of your life…until now.

Custom Photography

When you buy a TV, you keep it for three years. When you purchase custom photography, you have it for at least three generations. What greater gift can you possibly give your child than beautiful imagery of their first days on earth? Images with his parents, siblings, of each sweet and perfect little detail. Those are the things your child will grow with. Those images will not be like toys that will be broken or discarded along the way, but cherished possessions.

Just as a wedding is an event you want captured by a trained professional, the birth of your newborn equally important! You wouldn’t want to cut corners when selecting your wedding photographer, and so we encourage you to also consider the same details when selecting a photographer to capture your newborn. The photographer you select will be handling your baby less than a week after birth- you want to be sure that the photographer is going to take every precaution and will ensure safety and professionalism during this time. This level of experience and expertise does not come all on it’s own. Custom newborn photographers are trained through courses and workshops, they spend many hours perfecting their poses in the safest way possible and refining their skills over years.

Now in this digital age where even our little kids have cameras, where many of us have scanners and photo printers, photography has been devalued. Some people wonder: Why do custom photographers charge so much?

Well, some of those reasons are listed above but let’s throw in some analogies here as well. Working with your custom photographer is akin to going out for the evening to one of the top restaurants in town. Sure, you can eat at McDonalds or KFC, or you can cook at home–but when you want superb food and excellent service, when you crave a luxurious experience, that’s not where you head. You could buy a cheap pair of scissors and cut your own hair, but most of us hire a stylist.

Please don’t compare custom photographers to the chain store studios. While the ultimate destination at both places is capturing your loved ones, the road towards them is quite different.

With a custom newborn photographer, you start with individualized attention, move through the process with someone who actually cares about you and your family, and end up with photographs that make you weep and gasp out loud. Why? Because they capture your newborn in the most beautiful, relaxed and safe environment.

Just as you aren’t paying just for the cost of ingredients when you go out to a fine restaurant, you aren’t paying for just a piece of photo paper when you purchase artwork from your custom photographer.

You are paying for everything that goes into getting you that piece of paper…all our education, our expertise, our experience and our equipment. You are paying for a license that allows you to display our stunning artwork in your home. You are paying for works that will be on your walls for decades to come, and become a treasured part of your family’s memories.

FYI, here’s how the timing breaks down for an average on-location session:

  • prepping gear/studio: 2 hours
  • shooting 1-4 hours; average 2 hours
  • downloading images 1 hour
  • backing up images 2 hours
  • processing your images 3 hours
  • blog prep 1 hour
  • communication with client (all) 3 hours
  • planning session 1 hour
  • ordering session prep 1 hour
  • ordering session 2 hours
  • prepping order/retouching 4-8 hours
  • ordering/packaging/quality checks 2 hours
  • pickup meeting .5 hours

TOTAL : 27.5 hours and up

That means your custom photographer is spending nearly a week, all told, capturing your littlest addition to your family. On top of that, she has very high overhead to cover, whether or not she has a home or outside studio. Please be respectful and courteous about your photographer’s prices. You are eating filet mignon!


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