Ordering Your Newborn Artwork

We’ve discussed the importance of choosing a professional on many levels, but what happens after the portraits are taken?

Let’s say you’re sitting on your chair, gazing lovingly at the images of your brand new baby wrapped cozy and beautiful on your computer screen from home.  There are 20-30 images, and each seem to be even more gorgeous than the next.  Which wall in your home were you thinking of?  What colours can be incorporated into that room?  What size should it be?  And frame colour?  How will the images look together?  Suddenly the sweet new babe needs your attention, and once again you need to figure this out another time.

Niagara Newborn Photographer, Hamilton Newborn Photography, Professional Photography Niagara, Professional Photographer HamiltonFeatured Artwork by Karen Byker | Reflections of Life Photography

Printing photographs can be quite overwhelming for all of us.  There are so many decisions and possibilities.  Luckily many professionals now have the software needed to view wall galleries before you even purchase them.  It’s much easier to review and choose your favourite portraits with help from a professional, and here are some reasons why:

Ten Reasons Why Ordering & Design Appointments Will Benefit You

1 – You can relax, have a beverage and know that you have professional help in selecting the right images, sizes and layouts
2 – Help pairing down to your ultimate favourites, showing them to you side by side or in groupings to help you compare
3 – They can show you different cropping options to choose the best size to suit your space
4 – They provide assistance in choosing the best walls in your home to feature your new artwork
5 – If they’re using images of the walls in your home, they can show you your portraits in actual size on those walls
6 – They will give you advice based on room size, face size and viewing distance
7 – Professionals can show you samples of high quality artwork finishes to find one that works best for your home
8 – The whole ordering and design process is faster than trying to go it alone
9 – Your Photographer will take care of ensuring your portraits are perfect before you receive them
10 – Some Professional Photographers even offer the service of hanging your finished pieces

niagara newborn photography, niagara newborn photographerFeatured Artwork by Jennifer Blakeley | Jennifer Blakeley Photography

Every photographer does things a little differently, but upon booking a photography session with Reflections of Life, I touch base with clients regarding where they envision their artwork in their home.  My clients love to select high impact or statement portraits that showcase their family and can be displayed in an area of their home where they can enjoy seeing it every day. I always advise them to choose areas in their homes where they ‘live’ the most, but also where others will see their portraits.  Images are then taken of their chosen wall(s) and used to determine how I’ll compose the session images, and also to decide on the colours I’ll incorporate during our time together.

The following week, we meet for an Ordering and Design Appointment.  Using specialized software and the image(s) of their wall, I show them the wall collections I’ve pre-designed.  These are images of the portraits from their sessions that I think work best together and are the correct size for their space.  During your Ordering and Design Session we’ll select your favorite images together, comparing images side by side or in groups.  We also decide on the appropriate portrait sizes for the walls we have chosen. We play with the pre-designed wall collection images until you’re completely in love with them.  Custom card and storyboard designs are also created at that time.  This creates an environment that allows you to have increased input into your finished pieces, quickly and easily, with minimal frustration.

custom card design, ordering session photography, niagara newborn photographer, niagara newborn photographyFeatured Artwork by Tamsen Donker | Creative Clicks Photography

When choosing your photographer it’s important to discuss how you will go about ordering the images afterward.  Since each photographer does things a little differently, ensure this is one of the questions you ask.  If you’re a very visual person, you may not need this type of help in choosing the correct portraits and finishes for your space.  It’s necessary to make this clear before you book with your photographer so you both know what to expect during each step of the process.

These newborn photographs capture a moment in your life, and in the life of your new babe that is so fleeting.  Re-live it every day by walking into a room filled with portraits of the memories captured during your session.  You’ll be so pleased you did.

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Simple And Pure, Timeless Newborn Photography

What exactly makes a timeless photograph?  To create a classic timeless image, we like to strip away the extras and just focus on what is most important – your newborn baby.  Stripping the image of distracting props is the best way to stand the test of time – through fads and trends that come and go.

What will never change is the natural beauty of your newborn baby.

Clean + simple = classic and beautiful
Image by Daniela Berkhout – Daniela Berkhout Photography
Newborn portraits remain in your family for generations and will be passed on to your children, their grandchildren and so on.  While some may feel that the way to make a newborn portrait ‘cute’ is to stuff as many ‘cute’ things as possible into a single image (teddy bears, pearl necklaces, rubber duckies, and so on), it can sometimes distract from the natural beauty of your child.
Reflections of Life Photography
 Image by Karen Dekker-Byker – Reflections of Life Photography 
A simple image of your newborn will stand the test of time.  There will be no ‘regret’ looking back in 10 years time, while looking at a classic and clean image of your newborn – just the way he or she was born.  Perfect, simple and pure.
niagara newborn photography
Image by Tamsen Donker – Creative Clicks Photography
Does that mean no cute hats or baskets?  Not at all.  A simple, well-planned prop will add to the beautiful composition of a photograph – but we feel that the golden rule in creating a timeless newborn portrait is generally “less is more”.
Jennifer Blakeley Photography
Image by Jennifer Blakeley – Jennifer Blakeley Photography 

A clean image will keep the focus on what is most important – your baby. His or her personality will shine, and the beauty that they hold within will glow outward – not to be dulled by loud distractions, but to soar with the quiet confidence of a simple yet timeless portrait that you will cherish for generations.

Written by: Jennifer Blakeley – Jennifer Blakeley Photography
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Lifestyle Newborn Photography

lifestyle newborn baby photography niagara ontario canada

Lifestyle photography.  What does it really mean?  Photojournalism or candid photography is raw, uncut moments in time.  It’s a person getting on a bus.  It’s a split second where someone is doing something and not planning to pose for a camera.  It is not perfect photographs featuring perfect posing and lighting.  Lifestyle photography combines photojournalism and perfect posing and lighting, creating a more modern style.  Photographers that specialize in this create images of people doing things they would normally do in a natural setting.  My name is Karen Byker , from Reflections of Life Photography.  This is my preferred style of photography, and let me tell you why.

Niagara Newborn Photographer, Hamilton Newborn Photography, Professional Photography Niagara, Professional Photographer Hamilton

Newborn lifestyle photography is about documenting the life of a brand new little person.  It’s about capturing the personality of each baby, celebrating their uniqueness.  Being immersed in their new life, and enjoying the love that is naturally surrounding them.  It is about the feelings between two parents as they realize the future years of their life have been forever changed for the better.

Niagara Newborn Photographer, Hamilton Newborn Photography, Professional Photography Niagara, Professional Photographer Hamilton
In order to capture these feelings, an environment needs to be created that facilitates connection.  Lifestyle photographers often need to be able to photograph their subjects as if there is no camera in the room.  For parents to feel completely comfortable takes time, so these sessions can never be rushed.  With newborns, I always follow their cues, their position likes and dislikes, and if they should move their arm, stretch out those tiny feet, give me a great big yawn, I photograph it.  Those moments are just as, if not more important.  Being able to capture the personality of a newborn baby in images is something new parents are sure to treasure completely.

Lifestyle Niagara Newborn Photographer, Hamilton Newborn Photography, Professional Photography Niagara, Professional Lifestyle Photographer Hamilton

Lifestyle newborn photography takes the planning and preparation of newborn studio portrait sessions and combines it with the raw, uncut moments of newborn photojournalistic photography.  The result is a brand new form of art.  One that leaves parents breathless.  One that leaves a lasting memory, of that perfect little babe and the feelings of love that surround them.

Written By Karen Byker | Reflections of Life Photography

Newborn Photography Workshops

As 2012 has come to an end, many professional photographers are gearing up for 2013 and what this new year will bring. That means planning out the course of our businesses, wherever we hope that may take us. For many … Continue reading

Spreading Awareness

Anne Geddes is an incredible photographer who really helped to create the newborn photography trend. Her images showing babies in pots, laying on branches and hanging in fabric became a huge hit and inspired many other photographers to do the same, creating their own art. However, not all photographers are taking the precautions to do those images as safely as we would like to think and the best way to change that fact is to spread awareness of HOW to create the beautiful images that they are seeing.

Images with babies in precarious positions should NEVER be attempted without some type of behind the scenes magic. Spotters should always be used to ensure baby will not fall, Photoshop should be used to merge images together, hiding parents hands holding onto baby at all times… there are many ways to ensure that the infants safety is number one at all times. These precious little lives are not to be toyed with- indeed, we all need to take the utmost care to protect each and every precious baby that we photograph.

Here at Niagara Newborn Photography, we aim to help in any way that we can to spread this awareness. Newborn Safety Awareness Week took place just recently (Nov 5-11) and everyone was invited to take part in spreading awareness of proper newborn safety techniques to photographers and parents everywhere. Doing our part, we were interviewed by the West Niagara News and were happy to share some of our own images, showing how a composite image is created during a newborn session. Multiple images are taken with hands on baby at all times, and then they are layered together in Photoshop to create the final image.  We also shared quite a few great articles throughout the week on our Facebook Page. If you’d like to follow us, please visit here! Your questions and input are welcome, we love hearing from other photographers and concerned parents!

Niagara Newborn Photography
You are welcome to read the article here : READ ARTICLE ON SAFETY

We also have a number of links posted on this blog that show in-depth how one can use Photoshop to create these composites. Click on the Page above titled ‘Helpful Links’. We will continue to add to this list as we come across more helpful articles and links.

Written by Tamsen Donker | Creative Clicks Photography

Newborn Safety

As a parent expecting a new baby, you’ve spent a long time dreaming about who he or she will look like, how small their little feet will be and how good it will feel to hold your new baby in your arms for the first time. Now you’re considering how you’ll capture these moments in a timeless way, with a professional photographer you can trust. But how can you be sure you’re working with a professional?There are some things you can look for in a professional newborn photographer to ensure you’re bringing your baby to a safe place for his or her newborn portraits. Here are some helpful questions for you to ask, as well as the answers you’ll want to hear.

How much experience do you have photographing newborns?

The answer to this question doesn’t have to be a specific length of time, but how many newborns they’ve photographed. You can also tell if a photographer has a great deal of experience by their posing. You want to see that newborn expressions are not strained, and that their hands and feet look comfortable and cozy.

Newborn Photography Safety

Have you taken courses in baby posing or newborn photography?

Reputable newborn workshops contain information about newborn safety. They show professionals how proper posing is done, and how Adobe Photoshop is used to enhance an image. Here’s one example of an image done as a composite. The baby is warm and swaddled in many soft layers of fabric, safely held in position by an assistant, or Mom or Dad, during both portraits. The two images are then brought into Photoshop and combined to create the final image.

Newborn Photography Safety

The approximate weight of a newborn’s head is 25% of their body weight. This means that newborn babies are quite top heavy. When photographing, professional newborn photographers use weights in the bottom of their buckets or bowls, counteracting the weight of your new baby’s head to reduce any possibility of injury.

Newborn Photography Safety

In this classic pose, the newborn baby’s head is carefully supported by an assistant’s hands, twice. The first image is taken with hands supporting the top of baby’s head, and the second is taken with hands supporting baby’s head under their chin. This way the pressure of baby’s head is not resting on their little hands. Newborns cannot naturally hold this position on their own. Again, this image is done as a composite where the two portraits are then brought into Photoshop and combined to create the final image.

Newborn Photography Safety

If you see images on a photographer’s website that you’re questioning the safety of, politely ask them how they were done. Most are composites, and a professional newborn photographer will be happy to put parent’s minds at ease.

How long do your newborn sessions typically last?

It’s very important not to be rushed during your newborn session. If the room is quiet and calm, your baby will be more likely to sleep and be calm as well. You must have time to listen to the cues your baby gives during your session, for example, rooting. Rooting is when your baby will turn his or her head and open their mouth searching for food. If your baby is doing this, you will need time to feed him or her. Also, not every baby will do every pose you’d like. Every newborn is different and comfortable in different positions. A professional understands the cues babies will give, and will encourage and help you to care for your newborn during your session. Professionals typically need two hours to achieve 20-30 unique images. They may ask you not to schedule appointments immediately following their session, so if they need more time they have it.

Newborn Photography Safety

Do you have references?

Many professional newborn photographers have testimonials on their website, but feel free to ask for references from parents of other babies they’ve photographed. When it comes to professional newborn photography, there are no official guidelines or skills required to start up a business. To ensure you’re working with someone who is committed to proper business practices, I suggest asking the photographer you’re considering if they’re an active member of the Professional Photographers of Canada.

Why Custom Photography?

Newborn Photography
Your wedding is the second most important event in your life.For decades, the wedding ceremony has been the most photographed event – the event where you want a professional there to capture every moment. The event where you invest your money, and budget for top quality professional photography. Your wedding is a once in a life time event, just as the birth of your children.Newborn photography is a growing trend, and rightfully so. With the newborn photography industry growing we are witnessing the rapid onset of new photographers wanting to venture into the beautiful art of newborn photography.If you are looking to hire a newborn photographer there are many things to consider including personal style and taste, however the most important thing to take into consideration is the professionalism and experience of the photographer at hand.Newborn photography is not an area of photography that you should try to cut corners on to receive the best price, or quickest turnaround. A skilled and professional newborn photographer will literally have your heart in her hands, as she is safely posing, soothing and photographing the most important and valuable thing in your life – your newborn baby.

The photographers of Niagara Newborn Photography are all trained professionals, and have photographed hundreds of newborns putting the safety and comfort of the baby first, and producing images of the highest quality.

Newborn photography is a once in a lifetime opportunity, as your baby will grow and change every day. Having top quality images, created by the skilled and loving hands of a professional newborn photographer is something that every family deserves.

Your wedding was the most important day of your life…until now.

Custom Photography

When you buy a TV, you keep it for three years. When you purchase custom photography, you have it for at least three generations. What greater gift can you possibly give your child than beautiful imagery of their first days on earth? Images with his parents, siblings, of each sweet and perfect little detail. Those are the things your child will grow with. Those images will not be like toys that will be broken or discarded along the way, but cherished possessions.

Just as a wedding is an event you want captured by a trained professional, the birth of your newborn equally important! You wouldn’t want to cut corners when selecting your wedding photographer, and so we encourage you to also consider the same details when selecting a photographer to capture your newborn. The photographer you select will be handling your baby less than a week after birth- you want to be sure that the photographer is going to take every precaution and will ensure safety and professionalism during this time. This level of experience and expertise does not come all on it’s own. Custom newborn photographers are trained through courses and workshops, they spend many hours perfecting their poses in the safest way possible and refining their skills over years.

Now in this digital age where even our little kids have cameras, where many of us have scanners and photo printers, photography has been devalued. Some people wonder: Why do custom photographers charge so much?

Well, some of those reasons are listed above but let’s throw in some analogies here as well. Working with your custom photographer is akin to going out for the evening to one of the top restaurants in town. Sure, you can eat at McDonalds or KFC, or you can cook at home–but when you want superb food and excellent service, when you crave a luxurious experience, that’s not where you head. You could buy a cheap pair of scissors and cut your own hair, but most of us hire a stylist.

Please don’t compare custom photographers to the chain store studios. While the ultimate destination at both places is capturing your loved ones, the road towards them is quite different.

With a custom newborn photographer, you start with individualized attention, move through the process with someone who actually cares about you and your family, and end up with photographs that make you weep and gasp out loud. Why? Because they capture your newborn in the most beautiful, relaxed and safe environment.

Just as you aren’t paying just for the cost of ingredients when you go out to a fine restaurant, you aren’t paying for just a piece of photo paper when you purchase artwork from your custom photographer.

You are paying for everything that goes into getting you that piece of paper…all our education, our expertise, our experience and our equipment. You are paying for a license that allows you to display our stunning artwork in your home. You are paying for works that will be on your walls for decades to come, and become a treasured part of your family’s memories.

FYI, here’s how the timing breaks down for an average on-location session:

  • prepping gear/studio: 2 hours
  • shooting 1-4 hours; average 2 hours
  • downloading images 1 hour
  • backing up images 2 hours
  • processing your images 3 hours
  • blog prep 1 hour
  • communication with client (all) 3 hours
  • planning session 1 hour
  • ordering session prep 1 hour
  • ordering session 2 hours
  • prepping order/retouching 4-8 hours
  • ordering/packaging/quality checks 2 hours
  • pickup meeting .5 hours

TOTAL : 27.5 hours and up

That means your custom photographer is spending nearly a week, all told, capturing your littlest addition to your family. On top of that, she has very high overhead to cover, whether or not she has a home or outside studio. Please be respectful and courteous about your photographer’s prices. You are eating filet mignon!